Schulpartnerschaft überwindet Grenzen!

Chess – first Nepalcup

Isn’t it sad, that due to Covid-19 we can not meet friends and have fun together, like we used to do? Well here is a way how we can have fun together and do something for good.

The Nepalcup will be happening on the 6th of december 2020 at 10 pm German time. It is organised by Uwe Selle, who does the chess club at the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium.


The Nepalcup is a chess tourney, that happens online on the website . All people, who like to play chess can join. They just need to make an account on the website. The link on which you find the tourney is the following:


You can join the tourney until right before it starts. The people who win the tourney and are on place 1 to 3 win one of the calendars for next year made by the students’ company.

But why the name NEPALcup?


With our Nepal Run to go we are giving an alternative to our usual Nepal Run. Chess is a way of sport, so people playing chess could join our Nepal Run in the category “Other“. Uwe had the Idea, that people could donate 5 Euro to our projekt for joining the tourney. Of cause every donation is voluntary. Who wants to support us can donate as a chess player on the website (Website also available in English).


The first Nepalcup will be recorded and will be seen as a live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Lichess. We are happy about everyone who will be joining it. While the live runs, some chess games will be commented by Uwe and tactics explained. There will also be interviews with members of the students’ company and Raj from Nepal.


We hope, that we will see each other at the 6th of December 2020 and we are thanking Uwe Selle for this wonderful idea and his support for our project.




Max Porstmann

Abteilungsleitung Marketing